Gurukul Curriculum
  • Sound foundation for Life: The early years of a child’s life constitute the most significant period in life, because this is the stage when the foundation is laid for the overall development of the individual

    Gurukul Pre school has adopted Playway and Montessori method Curriculum that is considered one of the most dynamic and respected systems for child development across the world. This Curriculum is based on the belief that children need to experience child-directed and teacher-directed activities each day focusing on 10 areas of child development.

  • social-emotional

  • 1. Social-Emotional Development

    Social and Emotional Development involves a child learning how to understand their own and others feelings. The most important ingredient in the recipe of success is the ability to get along with people and the society. Mother’s Pride provides the right kind of peer group which forms the learning ground for the child about right behavior, friendship, sharing.

    Confidence, leadership quality, sense of independence, care towards environment, society and respect for traditional values is instilled through celebration of events, stage exposure, nature walks and role plays, and many other ways.

  • 2. Physical Development

    Physical development includes children’s gross and fine motor skills. The best way to bring up children is by letting them be themselves. The colorful, child friendly, spacious environment of Gurukul World gives opportunity to children to play, run around and enjoy their childhood. Activities like aerobics help the health of mind and body. Gross and fine motor skills are developed through special aids and tools. They also need to understand what foods are good for their bodies and how certain foods help them to grow.

  • physical-development

  • language-development

  • 3. Language Development

    Language development is the key to establishing and maintaining relationships with adults and other children. It is children’s desire to communicate their thoughts, ideas, needs and feelings which motivate them to use language. Rhymes, innovative ways of storytelling, picture reading, gripping dramatization, opportunities and encouragement for free and structured conversation enhance the communication and presentation skills of our children

  • 4. Cognitive Development

    Cognitive development is also referred to as intellectual development is influenced by a child’s approaches to learning as well as his or her biological make up and the environment. A child’s acquisition of knowledge will affect the way it thinks and it is important that a child learns to develop a positive approach to learning by putting Special emphasis on skills like development of senses, puzzle and tower making, problem solving, etc.

  • cognitive-development

  • literacy

  • 5. Literacy

    The early years in a child’s life are crucial for Literacy Development. Literacy learning begins at birth and children should be exposed to books as soon as they can recognize the colors on a page. Reading aloud to children appears to be one of the most important activities for building the understanding and skills needed for reading success.

  • 6. Mathematics

    First hand exploration is important for learning Mathematics. The knowledge children acquire in the first years whilst at play lays the foundations for the mathematical concepts they develop later. We at Gurukul World make the kids learn play way.

  • mathematics

  • science-technology

  • 7. Science & Technology

    Science content during the early years focuses on living things, physical properties of materials and objects and the earth’s environment. The best way to learn Science is to do Science through integrated hands-on child centered inquiry.

  • 8. Social Studies

    Young children learn through exploring and social studies on how to be researchers, critical thinkers and active members of a classroom community.

  • social-studies

  • the-arts

  • 9. The Arts

    Children express themselves creatively through the visual arts, music, dance and movement and drama. In addition to creating, children must learn to develop an appreciation of the art of others. As children draw, paint, sing, construct, dramatize, weave and move, they make new discoveries and integrate while they are learning.

  • 10. English Language Acquisition

    Children who are second language learners are faced with a challenging cognitive task. There must learn to maintain two languages rather than just one. There are considerable differences in how young children take on the task of learning a second language. Some children go through a phase of non-verbalizing as they try and come to terms with the vocabulary. Language learning is a basic feature of early childhood development for all children.

  • english-language-acquisition

  • Apart from above 10 areas, our emphasis at Gurukul World is to inculcate life skills like,



    Taking Initiative

    Courage etc.

    We believe that all children need to develops a strong sense of ‘right and wrong’ and emerge as role models for their communities. Our aim at Gurukul World is to blossom a child’s personality by making the most of the formative years in an ideal learning environment.

    Safety, Health & Security

    Children safety, Health and Security is integral part of our curriculum. Our Teachers, staff and each person of the organisation take great care in creating a safe and healthy Environment that allows children the freedom to learn without boundaries.


    1. Our campus is well secured by boundaries and under CCTV monitoring all the time.
    2. Our campuses are equipped with Fire Extinguishers
    3. Security personnel are well trained to allow only authorised person in the campus
    4. No child will be released to any unknown person and without written confirmation, followed by a telephonic confirmation.

    Health & Cleanliness:

    1. All staff and Teachers are trained in First Aid
    2. Medications are stored as per guidelines and out of reach of children
    3. Over the counter medicines are not allowed. Medication is allowed only with permission / note of Doctor.
    4. Each morning on arrival of children, teachers ensure cleanliness of child.
    5. Parents are notified when their children does not feel well to ensure heath of other children.
    6. Our campus, toys and other materials are disinfected on a daily basis with non toxic, child safe cleaning products


    1. Children in play area are always under supervision of adults.
    2. All our outside play equipments are of high quality, certified and kids tested.

    All outside play area are inside secured fences and locked gates.