About Us

About Gurukul
  • Gurkul is a result of hard work of professionals ……, We know that each children is born with unique talent, they develop and learn in different ways and at different speed, we go their way.

    Why Gurukul

    Early Childhood is the most important phase for overall development. What occurs in the early years sets the foundation for the future, so as a parent it is imperative that your child receives the correct guidance and nurturing to develop sensibility and confidence as they grow. We ensure each child receives personalised attentive care and the best educational experience possible in a homely environment.
    The School provides a safe and secure environment, our Childs safety is of paramount importance to us. The premise is secured; have all around CCTV monitored by Principal and Director. Gurukul classrooms are large with lots of natural light.

    The Environment:

    We understands that the environment in which children live and play also has a significant impact on learning opportunities. Classes are equipped with a wide range of quality international resources and, most importantly, they are happy and welcoming places in which children make friends. Teachers are selected for their educational qualifications, experience and a demonstrated passion for teaching. They not only deliver a complex learning program but offer children a model of behaviour which promotes honesty, fairness, tolerance, generosity and forgiveness.


    Children’s health is our priority. Our dedicated physical development area offers everything your child needs in an innovative and fun approach. Cleanliness is not optional. We ensure all equipments are cleaned, disinfected on regular basis.We welcome you to visit Gurukul World and find out more about giving your child a head start in education. Please call us on 0651 6562223 to find more and arrange a tour of Gurukul World.
    Best Wishes
    Gurukul World Team.

  • Gurukul Mission

    ‘We shape young minds so they can pursue highest levels of academic and professional excellence and become role models for their communities

    Gurukul Promise

    Gurukul Nursery will ensure that every child entrusted to it is nurtured to develop and grow as a willing and enabled learner. We will achieve this by working closely with families, providing the right environment, a rich curriculum and high quality teaching.

  • Gurukul Vision

    Nurture little minds with Love and Care. Prepare them to be a global Citizen

    Gurukul Team

    Gurukul believes in recognising the importance of all our staff working together. We see each individual child as having a team of professionals around them throughout the day to ensure they have the very best care and education. We value all our team members and support their continued professional growth and development.